Travel Shot: Two Old Ladies in Panauti

September 14, 2011 ||
Two Women in Panaouti, Nepal

When my photography teacher and I were walking through Panauti, Nepal, we came across these two elderly women sitting next to each other. It looked like an interesting photo with the colorful background and the differing colors in their clothes, so we motioned to ask if we could photograph them.

They both waggled their heads from side to side, a motion that means yes in Nepal. The woman in red came up to us and put out her hand for money. We paid each woman some rupees and began firing away. The woman in white seemed content with her pay, but the woman in red kept asking for more.

I think these women’s personalities really shined through in this photograph. I love the intent stare from the lady in white and I couldn’t have asked for a better expression from the woman in red.

The woman in red seemed to be the feisty one of the two and it shows.

As a photographer, I strive to capture photos that tell a story. What do you think? Does this photo tell a story?

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By Christy Woodrow

Christy Woodrow is a travel photographer and professional blogger based in San Diego. She has been traveling around the world with her partner in crime, Scott, since 2006. Join them in their quest to find off-the-beaten-path destinations by signing up for weekly emails and following her on

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