Fried Food & Bright Lights: The Del Mar Fair in Photos

I loathe crowds and loud places, but every year, I want to visit the Del Mar Fair when it comes to town. Why, you ask? For the photo opportunities, of course. Okay, I do like a good carnival ride, but Scott has a different opinion — and rides are only fun if you have someone to share your excitement with.

Last year, we took my niece to the Orange County Fair on the way home from learning that our bikinis had been ruined by the contractor we hired in Los Angeles. I did go on plenty of rides that day — which turned out to be exactly what I needed — and I also took one of my favorite iPhone shots there.

This summer, we visited the Del Mar Fair and didn’t go on a single ride. We were there to take photos. We arrived about an hour before sunset to scout out the best locations to set up. We still had some time to kill, so we ate fried artichokes and grilled Bison before the shoot. I can’t go to the fair without eating heart attack worthy foods.

Tell us which photo you like the best in the comments.

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