Around the World Interview Visits Canada!

Welcome to the Around the World Interview series on Ordinary Traveler! Every so often we have a new guest who has either lived or spent an extended amount of time in a particular country. Each guest will give valuable insights and tips to a different destination around the world.

This week, Four Jandals share their Canada travel tips!

Budget tips for Canada?

To save your pennies then head for the local campgrounds in the National Parks. They are much cheaper than hostels or hotels and you also get to experience the beauty of Canada up close and personal. Where else do you have to tie your food up in a tree to keep it away from bears!

Favorite places or favorite experiences in Canada?

Jasper National Park is where we spent 10 months and it is hard not to fall in love with the area. The peaks of the Canadian Rockies tower over the many pristine lakes where wildlife literally will wander in your backyard. But easily our most favourite experience was all of the adventure activities. You could do it all whether it is hiking, mountain biking, fishing or white water rafting.

What is the food like in Canada?

Unfortunately it is not really anything to rave about. Although there are a few traditions we loved getting involved in such as Wings Wednesday each week. And if there is any food you have to try then it is definitely Poutine which is basically fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. You can feel your blood clotting as you eat it but damn it is good!

Any dos and don’ts regarding customs in Canada?

Whatever you do, don’t call them Americans! Overall though everyone we met was extremely friendly and very welcoming. Just make sure you tip after eating and drinking and enjoy their national past times like Ice Hockey.

Where to Stay in Canada?

We hiked up to Celestine Lake camping ground one weekend in Jasper National Park. It is completely isolated and is nestled in between some fantastic scenery. Luckily all we came across were bears prints rather than the actual bears! An honorary mention also goes to Meat Cove at the tip of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

Must-do activities or must-see sites in Canada?

Take a couple of months and drive across Canada. Just take your time and factor in the huge distances that are required to get from the west to east. There are so many hidden gems located just off the main tourist trails.

Safety tips, warnings or things to be aware of?

We never felt unsafe when we were travelling, well apart from watching out for wildlife. Just take all the usual precautions you would anywhere else in the world.

Best and cheapest times to visit Canada?

I don’t think there is any better time. We were there in both summer and winter and loved them both for totally separate reasons. Just pick the reason you want to travel. If it is for some of the finest champagne snow in the world then head there between Dec – April. If it is wildlife and mountain biking then choose June – September for some warmer weather.

Packing tips for Canada?

Pack light. Everything can be bought when you get there at the local walmarts which are extremely cheap.

Bio: Cole and Adela are the New Zealand Couple who are currently working and travelling their way around the world with their trusty Jandals (Kiwi slang for Flip Flops). They love to get out of their comfort zones by pushing themselves to the limit whether it is mountain biking, ice climbing, snowboarding, diving or surfing. You can follow their journey on their Four Jandals Travel Blog.

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